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Weed Growing App for Beginners & Experts.

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Meet WeedPot

WeedPot was created to guide both beginners and experts through the detailed process of cannabis gardening. By organizing and automating many of the technicalities, you will have fun growing weed through a clean, colorful and endlessly useful platform.

We combine our expertise in research, design and technical development to create easy access for obsessively polished experiences.

Daniel Floyd

Simply powerful features

The rigors of starting a new grow operation have been distilled down to the best guidelines for generating massive yields.

  • Automating Excellence

    Timers, Checklists & Reminders throughout WeedPot make the entire growing process as easy as it will ever be.

  • Organized Organics

    Keep track of multiple plants. Review all your completed grows. Step it up with Pro-Tips, Instructionals and Tutorials.

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Watch your plant grow on a 3D turntable as you progress. A beautifully simple interface keeps focus where and when it is needed.

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Other devices

WeedPot can be found on any iOS device including iPhones & iPads. Android users will enjoy WeedPot on their phones & tablets very soon.

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